Raising Passionate Readers5 Easy Steps to Success in School and Life

About Raising Passionate Readers

Weaving accessible language, humor, and real-world examples with current and proven scientific facts, Nancy Newman empowers parents by providing practical tips that even the busiest of parents can use to strengthen their children’s language skills and enjoyment of reading. She sheds light on how children process information, explains why raising a reader is easier than most people realize, and she presents five fun and easy-to-do steps that all families can adapt to their specific needs—without spending extra time or money. Along the way, Newman talks about what does and does not work, and considers the relationship between technology and reading. Newman’s uniquely joyful and inspiring approach makes learning how to read a treat—rather than a treatment—for children of all ages and abilities.

Book Description

In the 1980s, scientists cracked many of the mysteries behind literacy and how we learn to read. They pinpointed simple steps all parents could take to help their children become excellent readers. Tragically, this information still hasn’t spread from researchers to parents. As a result, many parents remain anxious about their children’s reading abilities and futures, yet they have no idea how to help them to become skilled readers.

Raising Passionate Readers bridges the gap between scientists and parents by translating the latest scientific research into plain English. No other book:

  • Contains solid, proven scientific information but reads like a parent-to-parent chat
  • Realistically addresses the time squeeze of contemporary family life
  • Explains when the word “early” does—and doesn’t—matter in reading
  • Debunks common myths about technology, teachers, and time
  • Offers a bag of tricks that boosts literacy and instills a love of reading in all children—infants, toddlers, new readers, struggling readers, and those who can read but choose not to
  • Emphasizes pleasure for parents and children

Early Praise for Raising Passionate Readers

“Nancy Newman has taken her years of experience as a teacher, mentor, and mother and developed an approach to raising readers that is brilliantly simple, eminently doable, and lots of fun. If every parent were to follow her advice, hundreds of thousands of children would be spared the pain of arriving at school miles behind their peers and would thrive in ways that last a lifetime. Even if you think you don’t have the time, skills, or patience to teach your child to love reading, Newman’s approach will change your mind–and your child’s life!”

Ann Pleshette Murphy,
Board President, Zero to Three; former Editor-in-chief, Parents Magazine; author, The Seven Stages of Motherhood: Loving Your Life without Losing Your Mind

“Nancy Newman translates neuroscience into common sense, dispels myths, and offers a bounty of joyful ideas for parents. She will make you passionate, eager, and confident about raising passionate readers!”

Robert Weissman,
President, Public Citizen, Washington DC

Raising Passionate Readers is a perfect primer for parents looking to instill a love of reading in children. I regularly share her advice with families at my library and use her techniques with my own children.”

Carrie Silberman MLS,
Head of Children’s Library, New York Society Library

Raising Passionate Readers owes its extraordinary force and unique authority to Newman’s combination of perspectives. Whether speaking as a professional, a teacher or a mother, her strategies are aimed at enhancing fun for parent and child. Ms. Newman is proposing an inspiring and irresistible ideal for parents: intelligent love.”

Thomas de Zengotita, PhD,
Contributing Editor, Harper’s Magazine; author, Mediated: How The Media Shapes Your World and the Way You Live In It

“Nancy Newman offers enjoyable ways to turn playful moments into meaningful learning experiences. Suggestions for parents of struggling readers are particularly helpful and inspiring.”

Carol Tomason EdS, MEd,
Learning Consultant, Reading Specialist, Chapel Hill, N.C

“Everyone can profit from Nancy Newman’s wealth of ideas, from talking to baby, to troubleshooting and advocating for elementary readers, to using technology to advantage. Her advice is sound!”

Mary Ellen Levin, EdD,
Middle School Principal, Reading Teacher, and Teacher Educator

How can parents help children grow a passion for reading?

In the face of today’s many distractions and gadgets, how can parents help their children grow a passion for reading? I answer this question, and many more, in my new book Raising Passionate Readers: 5 Easy Steps to Success in School and Life. My second book

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will be published by Tribeca View Press on September 30, 2014 and receive national distribution from Independent Publishers Group.

Disturbing The Peace

Sarah is smart, sexy, talented, and funny … and less than satisfied with her life. She has a career that she absolutely adores and true romance on the horizon. But there’s something missing — something that has her restlessly scanning the faces in the crowd and asking, Is she the one? Sarah never met the birth mother who gave her up for adoption. And that hole in her past has colored everything that came after it. Now, with the big “three-five” looming, Sarah’s setting off on a wild Manhattan odyssey in search of the woman who gave her life. But the sages say you should be very careful what you wish for. The mother she’s been seeking may not turn out to be the one Sarah finds — and she may just rock Sarah’s world!


“Heredity or environment–which makes us who we are? Newman’s first novel, a delicious foray into the frenzied world of a single woman searching for her identity, is chock-full of interesting characters and wicked insights.”



About Nancy

As an English teacher, author, parenting lecturer, mother, and passionate reader, I have always loved sharing the joy of reading with others. But when I was teaching at a community college back in the Sixties, I had an Aha! moment that changed my behavior in the classroom and has guided me ever since as a teacher, a mother, and an advisor to other parents.


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